Marriage Preparation: Engagement is a very special time. It is full of love, preparation, reflection, and prayer. The Parish Staff does all it can to help couples prepare for marriage.

 To begin the preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage, please call the Parish Office at (773) 763-1661 to schedule an appointment with a parish priest or deacon a minimum of six months in advance. Wedding dates will not be reserved until your first meeting.

 General Information:

St. Monica Parish asks that documents be presented and the prenuptial questionnaire be completed at least six weeks before the wedding day. It is the couple's responsiblity to schedule an appointment with the consulting priest to complete the questionnaire.

Wedding rehearsals are to be scheduled with the Parish Minister. It is recommended that they be no longer than thirty minutes in duration. The conciseness of the rehearsal will be made possible if all decisions have been made in advance. As a courtesy to those involved, we ask that the rehearsal and wedding please begin and end on time.

Out of respect for the church building, which is Holy, and for others who will be using the space after the wedding, we ask that no rice, birdseed, petals, confetti, or balloons be brought inside or outside the church. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages, including champagne, are to be brought onto the church property.

Florist information:
The aisle is 50.5 feet long. If you are interested in securing flowers or ribbons to our pews, we will allow you to use painters tape or ties only. A layout of the church is available for florist by clicking here.

For any questions regarding wedding music, please contact Kamil Duda, Director of Music & Liturgy, at (773) 763-1661, ext 118 or

Click here to review the St. Monica Parish Guidelines for Wedding Preparation.

 Available Online Resources: Family Ministies